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Angelo West Branch Library
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This is a long overdue review for services provided in August and September 2019. Angelo West Branch Library underwent light renovations in August and September 2019. This required every item in our collection (totaling roughly 34,000 items) and every piece of furniture and shelving to be packed or disassembled, moved out of the building into on-site storage during the renovations; then, after the renovations, moved back into the building, and the shelving reassembled, so our collection could be unpacked and re-shelved. This was obviously a huge undertaking, and not something any of the library staff had experience with. Curtis, Colin, and Ray provided us with advice every step of the way, which allowed us to create a plan that (hopefully) made things easier for all parties involved. They were incredibly patient, kind, and helpful to the at times overwhelmed and stressed library staff. We had a lot of questions and concerns, and their support was appreciated. We were provided with stacks upon stacks of plastic bins to pack our books, DVDs, and audiobooks in. This was such a huge help to us, as they were much easier to pack and move than the alternative (which was cardboard banana boxes). When it came time to start moving everything, we were impressed at how quickly the team worked. Both the move out and move back in were completed much quicker than we anticipated, which kept us ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, we can't remember everyone's names, as there were a lot of people coming and going, but a BIG thanks to everyone who was here working, even for just a day or two. Richard and Buster especially! Richard was here all day, every day, sometimes late into the evening, during both the move-out and move back in. Buster also pulled long hours doing disassembly/reassembly of our many shelving units. Everyone was friendly and professional, and they all worked incredibly hard. As with every large project, there were some hiccups here and there, but it could have been much worse without the team we were working with. Curtis and Colin checked in often to make sure everything was going OK, and offered solutions to any problems encountered. All of us here at Angelo West Branch are incredibly thankful for all the hard work!
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They are very considerate and professional. They are honest and hard working. They will treat your things with care like they would there own belongings.
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The people that work there are as good as they come.
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Buster and Domingo moved furniture into my apartment last week and they were phenomenal! Extremely hard working and would definitely recommend again! Guys were amazing and took great care of our stuff!
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These guys are awesome! Super fast and efficient movers! Buster, Bobby, Adrian, and Ramone did an excellent job moving my pool table! I would 100% recommend them to anybody who is looking to move in the San Angelo area.
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Buster, Anthony, Jeff, and Adam, take a bow. Your kind, funny, and professional skills made our moving enjoyable. We appreciate your teamwork in helping us and each other. Y'all made it a point to double-check with us on the loading and unloading. Y'all were prompt and courteous. Y'all respected us in always. Y'all worked safe clean and productive. Keep it up, men. Pass it forth. We are blessed to have known and worked with y'all. A great big Thanks go out to y'all Rey and Kay. Y'all get a 100!
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We hired Lone Star Moving/Angelo Apartment Movers to help move my daughter from one apartment (second floor) to another apartment a couple of buildings down (also second floor). We had everything packed and furniture disassembled before they arrived, so it only took them 38 minutes to clear everything out of the first apartment and another hour and 15 minutes to get it all moved into the new apartment. The guys were amazing - two of them could carry her dresser (it took 4 of us to get it up the stairs in the first place!). The guys were friendly and funny and we really enjoyed the moving experience! If we ever have to move her again (hopefully NOT soon!), we will definitely be calling Lone Star Moving/Angelo Apartment Movers!
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Love these guys - absolutely God sent when we needed them most. Their professionalism, attitude and work ethic goes above and beyond! Nick, Ray, and Jack have not only taken care of my small move but will be taking care of my extra-large move as well. Thanks, guys!
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These guys did an amazing job at a great price. Highly Recommended
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I recently transferred from San Angelo, TX, to Atlanta, GA, and needed to get three quotes for my company. I called the big names first. Some of them said they were too busy and couldn't get to our job within the needed timeframe. Those who did come and give me a quote were nice but ended up being $3,000 more than the quote from Lone Star.Nick Ohman was my primary contact and was the one who did the office and home estimate. Ray was in charge of the packing and was the driver of the truck that brought my stuff to Atlanta. At every step of the move, Nick and Ray were first class in communication and accommodation. They did a wonderful job in packing and our good arrived in very good shape. The real story begins, though with the journey that Ray took from San Angelo to Atlanta. Ray had to drive through storms that ended up in Louisiana becoming a disaster area because of flooding. As he drove through rising waters and rerouted around impassable areas, he maintained contact to update us on his ETA. Amazingly, he arrived on the day he was supposed to have done, though a little exhausted from the difficulty of the drive. I can't recommend Lone Star Moving/Angelo Apartment Movers highly enough. They went well above and beyond the call of duty and did so at a price significantly less than others were bidding. Thanks Nick and Ray for the great service!
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Buster and Andrew were amazing. They were professional and fast. They moved me from the DFW area to San Angelo. They made sure that I was moved in one day instead of taking 2 days. Not only that, but a huge storm moved in as soon as we were unloading the truck. They didn't complain and continued to work hard to get my things inside without it getting wet. They were very polite and worked hard. It must have been a long and arduous day but they never complained and never shirked their responsibility. I highly recommend this company and if you're lucky enough to get Buster and Andrew, you won't be disappointed!
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Buster and Adam assisted us with a full service move across states. These 2 men are extremely hard-working, reliable, efficient, professional and trustworthy. They truly treated our prized possessions as their own. We were quite impressed with their overall abilities and experience in the moving industry. I highly recommend their services to all.
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Buster and Evan were prompt and professional. They loaded my entire trailer in just an hour. I would highly recommend Lone Star moving to anyone coming or leaving the area.

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